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Zrinity is the leader in enterprise-class email marketing management solutions and content management solutions for marketing professionals and developers worldwide.
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Zrinity Turnkey Marketer On-Demand, empowering Marketers with advanced solutions without the IT requirements.

Zrinity Turnkey Marketer On-Demand is a comprehensive Email Marketing and Transactional Solution that blends state-of-the-art sophistication and performance, with superior ease of use without the IT requirements. Zrinity recognizes that the success of any online marketing channel requires support from both Marketing and IT groups. No matter what your current resources or email expertise, Zrinity provides a flexible solution that meets the requirements of both teams.

Turnkey Marketer On-Demand is a high performance dedicated solution that provides greater control, data security, visibility, systems integration, deliverability and a dramatic cost-savings over traditional hosted solutions from traditional email service providers.

Zrinity EMTS is an easy-to use Email Relationship Management application that empowers marketers with the ability to tackle emerging trends in the ultracompetitive area of email marketing. The core concept behind the development of Campaign Intelligence is to deliver the ability to implement strategic integrated communications with your customers. To achieve this, the marketer requires direct access to customer data. With this level of access your marketing system can detect changes in behavior and events and then drive timely and relevant messages to your customers.

Zrinity ensures our clients success with professional implementation & account setup, and ongoing in-depth training.  Zrinity provides a reputation builder strategy to all of our clients to ensure a great start with the ISP’s on their new dedicated set of IP’s, and delivery management to keep a stellar reputation by giving you total visibility and control...

Visibility and Deliverability withTurn-key Marketer On-Demand
Great insight into your deliverability statistics

High-Performance Email Delivery

Email analytics: Google & Omniture integration

Track open, clicks, bounce, domain delivery, conversions, and RFM scoring

Higher inbox delivery placement, increased Sender Score equals higher ROI

Data Integration with Turn-key Marketer On-Demand
Directly integrated with your internal databases in real time

No more data syncing with API calls and uploaded list

Advanced security, your data stays behind your firewall

Transactional Email with Turn-key Marketer On-Demand
Dynamic message assemblye

Integrated deliverability reporting

Transactional template testing

Automation: auto responders, transactional, shopping cart abandonment

Offer Library quickly change offers within your transactional mailing

And More
No CPM fee

Dedicated environment, No shared IP’s

Professional set up, data integration and account implementation

Automation: auto responders, transactional, shopping cart abandonment

Offer Library quickly change offers within your transactional mailing

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Customer Spotlight
     "Within 120 days of complete integration of Zrinity's email solution our Sender Score went from a 60 to a 100 and our delivery rates went from 71.1% to 97.97% and stayed here for 18 months. With 15-18 million emails being sent per month, we will save over 70% annually by switching from a top-tier ESP to Zrinity's platform. We have better results and a lower cost."

Michael Johnston
SB Direct

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