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Zrinity is the leader in enterprise-class email marketing management solutions and content management solutions for marketing professionals and developers worldwide.
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Zrinity on-demand will change the way your internal team works on email. Less time, more tools equals higher ROI.

Sending email is easy, sending a lot of email can become complicate. Throw in the fact that you have to be relevant to each and every recipient and you've got a real challenge on your hands. One system for triggered email, another ESP for broadcast campaigns. Data headaches abound trying to sync data before the deadline for sending occurs. Nothing is centralized, everything takes forever, Until now!

Zrinity, via our Campaign Intelligence product, lets you manage all your templates, campaigns, transactional mailing and reporting in one place no matter how many, how complicated, how personalized your emails are. Our simple and clean interface makes it easy to find what you looking for. Reporting is real-time, and lets you focus on getting delivered, not moving data from place to place.

IT Director
Move from the labor intensive manual process of creating, uploading, and managing lists and jobs, to an easily managed direct connect to your internal database. Send your message directly from your CRM or e-commerce application without having to share your customer data with an ESP.

No more managing MTAs, click-through servers, and bandwidth. No more server hassles and data duplication. No more unexpected downtime. No more shoehorning your workflows into an ESP environment. No more obsolete technology.

Send virtually unlimited number of emails for the lowest price available. Customers moving from an on-premises or ESP solution can save up to 50% off total cost of ownership. Pricing is flexible - we conform to your business model.

You can trust that you'll be getting maximum value for your dollar. Zrinity gives your team the latest technology while allowing you to do away with literally hundreds of thousands in internal maintenance costs and IT support.


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Customer Spotlight
     "Within 120 days of complete integration of Zrinity's email solution our Sender Score went from a 60 to a 100 and our delivery rates went from 71.1% to 97.97% and stayed here for 18 months. With 15-18 million emails being sent per month, we will save over 70% annually by switching from a top-tier ESP to Zrinity's platform. We have better results and a lower cost."

Michael Johnston
SB Direct

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