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Zrinity is the leader in enterprise-class email marketing management solutions and content management solutions for marketing professionals and developers worldwide.
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The Web continues to grow rapidly as a legitimate business and marketing tool. For this reason, Zrinity founders thrived by producing and marketing Web-based business tools for over a decade. Explore our solutions and discover how we can drive the evolution of your businesses low-cost and highly profitable Web-marketing strategies.

Marketing & Transactional Email Solutions
It is very likely that in your organizations, email delivery systems are a collection of outdated, jury-rigged, expensive and inefficient hardware and software systems. Zrinity founders also struggled with these very same problems in the late 90's. We knew there was a better way and began to create the tools we sell today. XMS is a highly scalable, fully SMTP-compliant, intelligent email software server system. It is easily dropped in to replace freeware and other less efficient commercial MTA's. Campaign Intelligence is a One-to-One email marketing system that brings your email communication and marketing strategy to the highest level. Click on either product in the left menu to learn more.

Marketing Benefits:
  • State-of-the-art eMail marketing tools and dashboards
  • Elimination of CPM costs, saving thousands annually
  • True real-time and advanced dynamic messaging
  • Better deliverability, response and results
  • Competitive intelligence database, search over 18 MM email campaigns by subject line or keyword
  • Return Path Delivery Tools integrated directly into the dashboard
  • Target directly from your customer database, eliminating system lists uploads / downloads
IT Benefits:
  • Our Z-Start program for systems data integration and initial deployment
  • Flexibility to host and administrate the system internally or rely on Zrinity's expert team
  • The highest data security environment available
  • Direct integration into your databases and e-commerce systems
  • Dynamic Transactional email with A/B testing, and personalized offers
  • Full service proactive delivery support
  • Worry free system management

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