Zrinity's Email Delivery Server

Email Deliverability and Integration

The Email Application Server is a highly scalable, fully SMTP-compliant solution that can be dropped in to replace freeware or commercial MTAs. Offered as a rack-ready appliance or downloadable software. The Zrinity Email Server is the most robust, feature-rich MTA solution available today. Flexible enough to run on windows or linux while still providing unsurpassed reliability and performance for email delivery. On top of it all connect to your database via JDBC connection and use our Template Services Engine to build state of the art dynamic messaging systems.

The number one problem facing organizations today is deliverability. Due to the abundance of spam ISP have put forth aggressive filtering solutions. Today reputation is key to the success of your delivery. XMS guards your reputation like no other MTA on the market. Our slow start outbound connection ramping algorithm is the first of its kind.

The second biggest challenge facing organizations is integration. We've made overcoming this hurdle much easier with our template services engine, allowing your IT team to quickly deploy a robust scalable solution. The only MTA to connect directly to your existing database running SQL query to put together your complex email system.